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Hege's Story

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

When Hege found out she had breast cancer, she was terrified for her two young boys. But even then, she had no idea what she and her family would have to go through...

Kerry Hodge Breast Cancer Story

Kerry's Story

Breast Cancer

"I wish I didn't have breast cancer, I wish no one had cancer but I hope some people will find my story reassuring. I'm not defined by breast cancer: it's something that happened to me, but it's not who I am."

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Nyree's Story

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

"April Fool's Day 2011 was no joke for myself or my family. It was the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer.."

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Tammy's Story

Breast Cancer

"Cancer does not discriminate and age is no barrier." Tammy still requires regular check-ups, but cherishes every moment spent with her family and friends.

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