Friday 02 June 2017

The Project Pink Road Trip visited Benowa Tavern and we spoke with Assistant Manager, Korrina about what is happening at her venue during Project Pink.

1. What is Benowa Tavern doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

The Project Pink merchandise items are selling very fast, we have needed more duck keyrings to sell! We have pieced together a bra 'feature wall' and have our Bad Boys event planned for Saturday 17 June!

2. Tell us a little bit about Benowa Tavern

This is a venue for all ages, families and younger crowds too.

3. Can you guess how many KM's we are travelling on our road trip?

1800 kms

4. What is your fundraising goal this year?


5. What do you think the colour pink should represent?


You can visit the Benowa Tavern and support their fundraising here www.benowatavern.com.au


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