Revolutionary 3D Breast Reconstruction Project

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Revolutionary 3D Breast Reconstruction Project

A multidisciplinary research group, led by Professor Dietmar Hutmacher, Chair in Regenerative Medicine at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, QUT, is aiming to regenerate breast tissue using patients own fat cells and biodegradable breast scaffolds, customised to patients, using 3D scanning technology, computer aided design and 3D printing.

Current reconstruction options for breast cancer patients include synthetic breast implantation, free flap surgery or autologous fat tissue transfer. These options replace tissue rather than regenerate it and all have their own issues associated with them. In addition, not all patients are suitable for some of these major reconstructive surgeries.

This research provides an alternative solution to breast reconstruction and animal trials to-date are presenting very positive findings.

One very special lady who would have benefitted from this research is Project Pink champion Tammy Lye-James who underwent invasive reconstruction surgery after having a mastectomy. Hear from Tammy and more information about the research in a recent TEN Eyewitness News story.

The project is supported by the PA Research Foundation and is hoping to go into patient clinical trials next year.