Aveo Communities Turn Pink in October

Friday 02 November 2018

Aveo Communities Turn Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Project Pink turned Aveo communities around the country pink for breast cancer awareness month this October to help make pink a pretty colour again. The campaign saw 93 Aveo communities rally to raise funds for breast cancer research, hosting a variety of events including high teas, pink parties, bake-offs and pink luncheons.

2018 marks the third year Aveo has partnered with Project Pink to support breast cancer research, with over $400,000 raised to date through the union. The bar was set high in 2018, with a goal to raise $150,000 for Project Pink; with every dollar raised to be matched by Aveo Group.

Aveo Cleveland are currently the top fundraising community, reaching an incredible $6777 through their efforts, including a very successful high tea event which hosted an auction and a large raffle.

Each Aveo community has had its own unique approach to fundraising, hosting an array of wonderful events; all with the united goal to raise funds for cancer research, and ultimately beat breast cancer. Many of the communities are still actively fundraising, dedicated to raising as much as possible for the worthy cause.

Aveo corporate offices also embraced Project Pink in full force across Brisbane and Sydney offices in the final week of October, with staff dressing in pink to champion the cause; enjoying baked goods generously donated by Aveo staff and chefs. Over $2000 was raised across both offices.

The funds raised will continue to support innovative breast cancer research projects. One such project has identified a drug that may help to treat aggressive and advanced types of cancer like triple negative and her2 positive breast cancer in a world first. This breakthrough intends to enable current treatment resistant cancer cells to respond to targeted therapy by combining a drug that has been in clinical use for over 30 years, stematil. These aggressive cancer cells are incredibly difficult to treat as they are typically resistant to current cancer therapies like chemotherapy. Current target therapy costs tens of thousands of dollars and is only effective for 20-30% of patients – for the rest it is very expensive; with significant side effects and no benefit. The research has shown that when stematil is combined with the therapy, the tumour cells appear and are able to be targeted and destroyed.

Through the incredible support of funds raised and donated by Aveo and their communities for Project Pink, research teams can continue their research and potentially discover lifesaving breakthroughs in medical research in the fight against breast cancer.

The Aveo and Project Pink partnership is set to kick off again in 2019, with the hopes to raise even more funds to support life-saving breast cancer research.