Aveo Communities Lead the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Aveo to champion the cause again during breast cancer awareness month in 2018

In 2018, more than 18,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; that's 50 every day. Sadly, 3000 families will lose a loved one because of this disease.

United by the common goal to lower these statistics, Aveo Communities nationwide have raised $162,000 for the PA Research Foundation's breast cancer campaign, 'Project Pink'. Aveo Group have dollar-matched the efforts of their residents, taking the total figure to over $320,000.

To celebrate this achievement, long-term Project Pink ambassador Ita Buttrose visited Fernbank, St. Ives, the top NSW fundraising community, on Thursday 15 March to personally thank them for their support during an afternoon tea event.

Ms Buttrose spoke with more than 70 residents about her career in the media and the importance of raising awareness for breast cancer.

“We are much more aware about breast cancer now than previous decades because importantly we talk about it.

“The prognosis for those diagnosed is much better because women are much more proactive about getting checked," said Ms Buttrose.

When questioned about what retirement might look like for her, Ms Buttrose jokingly responded, 'Fernbank'.

With 13,000 residents living in Aveo communities throughout Australia, there was no shortage of pink during the Project Pink campaign as employees and residents hosted a variety of events including (but certainly not limited to) fun runs, raffles, bike rides, high teas and pink lunches.

Speaking about the partnership between Aveo and the PA Research Foundation, Aveo CEO Geoff Grady said:

“As our principles become aligned in transforming lives through increased health and wellbeing, the Project Pink campaign is a great way for our employees and residents to actively participate in a meaningful fundraiser for a world-class medical research fundraising organisation."

PA Research Foundation CEO Damian Topp said that the amount raised is a credit to the driven Aveo staff and wonderful residents within the local communities.

“The money raised is helping to support life-saving, innovative breast cancer research at the Translational Research Institute and PA Hospital which are co-located at the PA Campus, Brisbane – a world leader in medical research.

“Particularly, the money is helping to fund a world first clinical trial which is now in the final stages of a phase-one safety trial at the PA Campus.

“Dr Fiona Simpson and her lab are looking at how to make current treatment resistant cancer cells, like the aggresive triple negative breast cancer, respond to targeted therapy by combining it with the anti-nausea drug, Stemetil which has been in clinical use for over 30 years.

“Project Pink is about bringing the community together to beat breast cancer; the Aveo Communities have truly embraced the cause and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts," said Topp.

Aveo communities will champion the cause once again during breast cancer awareness month as they look to better the previous year's fundraising total.