Project Pink 2017

Wednesday 02 August 2017

Project Pink - That's a Wrap!

Monday 31 July drew a close to Australian Leisure and Hospitality (ALH) Group's 2017 Project Pink campaign, which has been raising vital funds for breast cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus.

123 ALH Venues throughout Queensland kicked off their fundraising on Mother's Day (14 May) and have been promoting, hosting and selling all things PINK throughout the campaign. Fundraising events this year have included (but have certainly not been limited to!) motorcycle rides, drag queen bingo nights, music festivals, high teas, karaoke nights and family fun days.

The campaign culminated with the 2nd Annual Real Housewives of Bulimba Charity Breakfast at Oxford 152.

While each event/fundraising initiative has had a different twist to suit the many diverse communities of the ALH Venues throughout Queensland, they have all had one thing in common – a united approach to taking revenge on the insidious disease that is breast cancer.

Each venue has had a special visit from the Project Pink Road Trip during the campaign, removing a strip of black from the Project Pink Mobile in the process.

The Project Pink Mobile was specially wrapped with a layer of black decal with the message: 'there is nothing pretty about breast cancer'. As each venue removed a piece of black, the base-layer colour pink was revealed – a gesture to symbolise taking revenge on breast cancer to reveal the colour pink. Check out the before and after shots of the Project Pink Mobile!

The Project Pink Road Trip travelled north as far as Cairns, south as far as Ballina and west as far as Emerald. More than 11,000 kilometres have been travelled visiting the wonderful ALH Venues, raising breast cancer awareness in the process.

Funds raised through the ALH Project Pink campaign will go towards supporting breast cancer research projects at the PA Hospital Campus.

One particular project which has benefitted from the support of Project Pink is Dr Fiona Simpson and her team who are looking at how to make current treatment resistant cancer cells, like the aggressive and hard to treat Triple Negative Breast Cancer, respond to targeted therapy by combining the therapy with an anti-nausea drug which has been in clinical use for over 30 years.

Dr Simpson's research has recently gone into clinical trials at the PA Hospital thanks to the support from funds raised through Project Pink.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank ALL of the incredible ALH Venues and their local communities for their continued support of the Project Pink campaign. Thank you for helping us take revenge on breast cancer to make pink just a pretty colour again. We look forward to updating everyone on the collective total raised and can't wait to see what the 2018 campaign brings!