#PINKROADTRIP Golden Beach Tavern

Wednesday 05 July 2017

We caught up with Vaughn at the Golden Beach Tavern during the Project Pink Road Trip to hear what they have lined up for the campaign!

What is Golden Beach Tavern doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

We had a very successful Mother's Day breakfast and are looking to having another breakfast with the dates TBC. We are also selling merchandise and bras.

Can you guess how many KM's we are travelling on our road trip?

4200 km's

What is your fundraising goal this year?

$1000 plus

What motivates you to fundraise?

A community focused venue having a community mindset helping others out.

Fluffy pink duck or a quacking duck keyring, you have to pick one - which is it and why?

Fluffy duck because it puts a smile on my daughter.

Where would you take the Project Pink Mobile on a road trip and why?

Anywhere in public that would work well for community fundraising.

You can visit the Golden Beach Tavern to support their fundraising. Check our their website: www.gbt.com.au/


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