#PINKROADTRIP Buderim Tavern

Wednesday 05 July 2017

The Pink Mobile dropped into Buderim Tavern and caught up with Lisa and Jason who are doing such a great job fundraising for the campaign this year!

What is Buderim Tavern doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

We had a morning tea on Tuesday 30 May with the $10 entry fee going towards Project Pink. We have decorated the venue with pink flowers on the centre of each table and on entry we have an area lit up with pink bras, a fundraising meter and pink balloons.

We sold out of the merchandise items early and have a drag queen bingo event coming up on July 21!

What is your fundraising goal this year?


What do you think the colour pink should represent?


Do you have a special message for those battling breast cancer?

We are here to support you through and help anyway we can.

What motivates you to fundraise?

We know a lot of people affected by breast cancer.

Fluffy pink duck or a quacking duck keyring, you have to pick one - which is it and why?

Keyring because you can carry it and the fluffy duck should have a keyring chain too.

Where would you take the Project Pink Mobile on a road trip and why?

Central Australia - the next PINK Pricilla!

You can visit Buderim Tavern and support their fundraising - there is still time to book in for Drag Queen Bingo! Check our their website: www.buderimtavern.com.au/


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