#PINKROADTRIP Alexandra Headlands Hotel

Wednesday 05 July 2017

Alexandra Headlands Hotel were visited by the Project Pink Mobile recently to see what they have planned for the campaign!

What is Alexandra Headlands Hotel doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

At the moment we are selling merchandise items and we had a PINK Karaoke night on Wednesday 21 June following the Origin game.

What do you think the colour pink should represent?


What motivates you to fundraise?

To help out people suffering from breast cancer any way we can - any amount raised will help out in some way.

Fluffy pink duck or a quacking duck keyring, you have to pick one - which is it and why?

Keyring because it has a light and quacks.

You can visit Alexandra Headlands Hotel and support their fundraising. Check our their website: http://www.thealex.com.au/


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