#PINKROADTRIP Palm Beach Hotel

Monday 19 June 2017

The Project Pink Road Trip recently visited Palm Beach Hotel and caught up with venue manager James to hear what they have planned during the campaign.

What is Palm Beach Hotel doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

At the moment we are selling merchandise items. We are also hoping to do a charity casino night - the date is still to be confirmed for this event.

What is your fundraising goal this year?

We are hoping to beat last year's total of $4000.

What do you think the colour pink should represent?

Birthday Cake.

Fluffy pink duck or a quacking duck keyring, you have to pick one - which is it and why?

Keyring - annoying and more interactive.

Where would you take the Project Pink Mobile on a road trip and why?

Bucks party.

You can visit the Palm Beach Hotel and support their fundraising. Check out their website: https://www.palmbeachhotel.com.au/


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