#PINKROADTRIP Pacific Pines Tavern

Friday 09 June 2017

Pacific Pines Tavern is raising vital funds for breast cancer research through Project Pink. The Project Pink Mobile recently visited Venue Manager Scott and his team members Tiffany and Stacey to see what they are up to for this year's campaign.

1. What is Pacific Pines Tavern doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

We have a pink hamper sitting on the bar-top and are selling raffle tickets for this. We are also setting up a big pink wall, you will need to come back once that is finished! Later in the campaign we are hoping to do a big event - we are really motivated to raise more funds than previous years after hearing Dr Fiona Simpson talk about her research.

2. What is your fundraising goal for this year?

$2000... Hopefully a lot more, we will surprise you with the final total!

3. What do you think the colour pink should represent?

Life, brightness and positivity

4. Has anyone at your venue had an experience with breast cancer?

Stacey: My mother had a very aggressive form of breast cancer, stage 3. She stayed so positive throughout the whole experience and did everything she had to do to get the treatment to get better. She has just become 5 years cancer free which we are all very happy about.

5. Fluffy pink duck or a quacking keyring, you have to pick one - which is it and why?

Keyring as it lights up to see your car door

6. Where would you take the Project Pink Mobile on a road trip and why?

All the way around the country route because there is a lot of awareness throughout the city of Project Pink and going out to remote towns would be great.

You can visit Pacific Pines Tavern and support their fundraising here https://www.pacificpinestavern.com.au/


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