#PINKROADTRIP Dog & Parrot Tavern

Friday 09 June 2017

The Dog & Parrot are raising funds for Project Pink throughout June and July. We caught up with Venue Manager, Amanda to see what they are up to!

1. What is Dog & Parrot Tavern doing to fundraise for Project Pink?

We are currently selling the Project Pink merchandise items and hosting raffles every Friday night.

2. Tell us a little bit about your venue

The Dog & Parrot Tavern is a venue for all generations. We have an outdoor playground and are very family friendly. We have a large dining area where customers can choose to dine inside or outside. We have great woodfire oven pizzas and live entertainment.

3. What is your fundraising goal for this year?


4. What motivates you to fundraise?

I am driven to fundraise to support families going through these difficult times. I am concerned about my own family members and want to support this great cause to help find a curable treatment for breast cancer.

5. Fluffy pink duck or a quacking duck keyring, you have to pick one – which is it and why?

Fluffy duck because it is cute and soft

6. Where would you take the Project Pink Mobile on a road trip and why?

Byron bay.

You can visit the Dog & Tavern and support their fundraising here https://www.dogandparrot.com.au/


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