What will be your Pink Project?

You may not consider yourself a lifesaver like doctor, nurse or researcher, but you are! Because you are helping us give some of our greatest minds access to crucial funds to enable them to continue to provide the best possible health care for people facing breast cancer in their greatest time of need.

Top 10 Project Pink (iso) Fundraising Ideas

You can do almost anything to fundraise for breast cancer research, find some easy at home ideas here

What will I recieve?

Contact us if you would like to receive a fundraising kit, which includes a fundraising manual, posters and other goodies. When you register you'll get your own fundraising page which makes it easy to ask your friends for support by sharing the link on social media and by email. The good news is you're not alone, we're here to support you along the way. We'll connect you with a personal fundraising coach who can answer all your questions.

Meet one of our very special fundraisers

Loving mother and wife Tammy Lye-James is one of our fundraising champions who is living her life to the full, surrounded by her family and friends, thanks to the dedicated care, quick response and outstanding team-work of the tireless medical staff at the PA Hospital. Tammy is a breast cancer survivor.

When Tammy received the news that nobody wants to hear, "I am sorry Tammy, but you have breast cancer", all she could think of were her two beautiful boys, her husband and her family. After her mastectomy, Tammy thought often of her Mum who had battled an aggressive form of cancer and sadly passed away. Tammy said that she could hear her Mum in her head saying "Come on girly, you can do it­—just get up and get on with it".