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Help us make pink just a pretty colour again

The colour pink is fun, it is vibrant, it is bright and it has long been associated with the fight against breast cancer. BUT, there is nothing pretty about breast cancer, it does not deserve to be associated with such a great colour; that is why Project Pink is out for revenge on the disease that affects so many families in Australia, to make pink just a pretty colour again.

The annual breast cancer fundraiser is an initiative of the PA Research Foundation with partners Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH), Aveo Group, Stellarossa Coffee Stores and Network 10.

In 2019 more than 3000 Australian women will lose their battle with breast cancer – that's eight women a day, making it the second most common cause of female cancer-related death. Funds raised for the campaign will support revolutionary breast cancer research projects at the PA Hospital Campus which are focused on improving treatments and diagnostics for those faced with the disease.

To make 'pink' just a pretty colour again and to help STOP breast cancer, visit one of the Australian Leisure and Hospitality venues, Stellarossa stores or participate by hosting your own Project Pink event. Or, you can simply make a donation today on our website, it could save the life of someone you love.

This very special fundraising campaign is made possible by the 124 Australian Leisure and Hospitality venues in Queensland who raise funds during the months of May, June and July for breast cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus. 2019 marks 10 years of the ALH Group's fundraising support with $2.5 million raised during this time.

Your support of this campaign by visiting your local participating ALH venue is vital for us to continue to make ground in the fight against this disease. Please help us continue to fight for all the women in our lives.

In addition, Aveo Group have partnered with the PA Research Foundation since 2016, championing the cause in 94 communities each October - breast cancer awareness month. Aveo Group, their Communities and most importantly their residents have come together to raise more than $700,000 to date which is making a huge difference in particular to Dr Fiona Simpson's research project which is clinically trialling a new combination therapy for triple negative breast cancer patients.

Our Project Pink campaign is not limited to our partners, we would love for you to be involved as well! Here is how you can make a difference in helping to make pink a pretty colour again:

There's so many ways you can fundraise for Project Pink, whether it's a raffle, pink day or girls night in. Get inspired

Help make pink a pretty colour again and donate to real research based at the PA Campus.

Purchase Project Pink Merchandise

Throughout May-June ALH Hotels across Queensland fundraise to support Project Pink, find a hotel near you.

Visit a Stellarossa store near you to purchase a coffee during the month of June for a chance to win a year of free coffee and support Project Pink.